QM10 mk1/QM10two to Q10 upgrade

QM10 mk1/QM10two to Q10 upgrade

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The original QM10 mk I was extremely well received by media and it gained multiple five star reviews when we introduced it in New York in may 2007. Even though we were very happy with this product, we started working on new drivers pretty much immediately upon launch.

After three years of development, we introduced QM10two, with two new drivers and an updated crossover network, this upgrade took the Guru QM10 experience to a whole new level. The tweeter was completely redesigned and is flat to above 30kHz. The updated woofer only shared the magnet system with the previous version. The new mineral fibre cone would allow for the speakers to be played louder and to handle more abuse.

The latest iteration is upgraded in is even better with lower distorsion and better overall performance.

If you have a pair of Guru QM10 mk I or Q10two, you can now upgrade your speakers to match the exact specs of a brand new pair of Q10!