“Dispersion was a strongpoint with the QM10 and so it remains here, the QM60 projecting a full size image that reaches up and over the speakers themselves. It’s not out of scale however, you can get large but rather soft imaging from some speakers but this is not like that, in fact it’s on a similar scale to the larger B&W 802D speakers I use as a reference. They create a more precisely etched image but in terms of size and placement of musicians the two are very close.”

“This system proved remarkably adept at revealing the musical qualities of everything I played” “Engrossing in another way was Gillian Welch’s Time (The Revelator), which is a good if not stunning recording, however in the Gurus hands it transcends the boundaries of time and space and places the singer right in the room.”
Jason Kennedy, HiFi+
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“These speakers are exceptionally communicative, expressive and entertaining, to the point where the whole experience quickly becomes seriously addictive” “Physically very discreet and musically very communicative, this unusual standmount delivers surprising bass and marvellous time coherence” “Has speed and time coherence like a single full range driver system, yet also sounds much bigger than it looks”
Paul Messenger, Hi Fi Choice
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