Refurbished Q10 White

Refurbished Q10 White

Here is an opportunity to buy a refurbished ex-demo pair of the famed Q10 loudspeaker. The speakers may have minor cosmetical faults, but the general impression is very good. Sound is perfect and we offer full warranty for all products in the Guru Archives.

About the Q10:

Originally designed for professional use, the aim for Q10 was to make a monitor that captures, or rather recreates the whole event taking place on a music recording (or any other source of sound), timbrally accurate, in time and in space. Achieving that isn’t a matter of adding a lot of subjectively “positive things” – a colour is a colour, even when it’s a nice one, and we don’t want to add colors.

The QM10 bass driver helps producing rock solid bass down to 30Hz, and the key factor is the long and linear stroke, and even more so the incredible pressure factor, exceeding that of a typical 15″ driver with a factor of more than three.
Choice of membrane is essential to both midrange quality and lateral inter driver integration. The mineral fibre membrane of the Guru B59mf-driver assures a perfectly controlled behaviour in it’s entire working range, and it is actually also adding an essential part of the stereo system compensation above it’s nominal working range.


Timbrally and dynamically accurate sound reproduction in time and space is all about adapting to the listening room properties and avoiding and / or compensating for the inherent flaws of the stereo system – all done with respect to our hearing properties. Or in other words – allowing for the natural musical colours in the recording to be let free.

Technical Specifications