The Guru Principles

Guru continues it’s mission to bring small, easy to place loudspeakers that sounds like large speakers to the world of hifi. With our proprietary driver technique and our class leading phase coherence, it can reproduce incredible bass and still maintain a neutral sound from 34 Hz up to above 30 kHz.

Discreet: Guru loudspeakers are designed to work with the room and be placed very close to, or on the wall behind it.

Easy to drive: Guru loudspeakers cleverly harnesses the room boundaries, which enables it to reach its uniquely high sensitivity/bass extension-combination.

Coherent: All Guru speakers has very low phase distortion and is thus capable of recreating the waveform on the recording very accurately.

Everyone is invited: Guru speakers generates a ‘sweet field’ instead of a sweet spot, so several people in the room can fully enjoy the performance at the same time.

Perfectly natural sound: Guru speakers compensates for many of the intrinsic stereo system colorations. This makes them quite literally disappear as the sound source creating an incredibly natural listening experience just like enjoying the original musical event. You choose how you want to listen: Our speakers can be enjoyed when either sitting or standing, preserving the true soundstage height and allowing you to fully enjoy a truly three dimensional soundstage no matter how you want to listen.