Better sound


The Guru Q10’s are designed to capture the experience of a live musical performance in all listening environments – particularly when following our recommendations for connecting and placing your speakers. You can further enhance your listening experience by following these tips on room treatment.


1. Carpeting your listening space will remove the acoustical “harshness” of most rooms, promoting a richer, fuller, more detailed sound. The more carpeting the better. Wall-to-wall carpet is the best; a thickness of 10 – 15 mm is optimal.
2. Adding more “soft” furnishings, e.g. curtains, sofas, etc., to the room will also produce a warmer, richer sound. Note: having curtains about a foot (30 cm) from the wall is typically better than having them close to the wall.

3. The more the listening space is controlled acoustically, the less the soundstage will get distorted by echoes bouncing back and forth between hard, parallel surfaces. These echoes can be counteracted simply by placing artwork (a framed painting, poster, etc.) on the walls of the room. We recommend that the frames are hung so that they appear to be “looking down” at you from your seated position.

4. A coffee table in front of the sofa or sitting area helps eliminate low frequency reflections from the floor (which carpeting alone won’t counteract).