“Wonderfully musical and capable of an entirely captivating performance, it also produced bass like no other compact speaker we’ve ever heard.”
Malcolm Steward, Hi-Fi Choice



“This is the first small speaker I’ve heard anywhere near its price that doesn’t leave me wishing for a larger substitute. Or a sub, or anything else for that matter. Finally, my monitor quest is complete.”
Robert Learner, Sonic Flare

“The highs are transparent and seem to extend nearly to the moon.”
Mike Quinn, Jazz Times


Founded by audio engineer Ingvar Öhman, professional violinist Erik Ring and industrial designer Erik Espmark, GURU has benefitted from this unique combination of skills, and has become recognised as one of the leading Scandinavian audio companies.
Beyond delivering a world class musical experience, Guru Loudspeakers are truly different, fusing clever engineering, stylish design and pure musicality.



All GURU loudspeakers are designed and engineered at our headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. There we ensure the highest level of build quality and precision manufacturing is achieved across our whole product range. Engineering and production of all the critical components is
made either in-house or under our careful supervision at the best facilities in the world. Our products are built to the exacting standards that Scandinavian manufacturers are rightly famous for, this ensures carefree ownership and a lifetime enjoying your Guru loudspeakers.