Sthlm Audio introduces the Guru Q10

The world’s only true full bandwidth mini monitor just got even better! The Guru Q10 is the successor of the critically acclaimed Guru QM10 and Guru QM10two and introduces significant updates to drivers and electronics of the otherwise familiar, compact QM10 design. The effect of this is to increase the bandwidth to a typical in room response of 30 Hz to 30 kHz and at the same time lower distortion even further whilst greatly improving the time domain behaviour of the loudspeaker. All this results in even greater resolution and transparency with increased soundstage precision whilst maintaining incredibly low frequency extension for a speaker of any size.

Discreet: Guru Q10 is designed to work with the room and be placed very close to, or on the wall behind it, using the Q10 floor stands or wall mount brackets.

Easy to drive: The Q10 cleverly harnesses the room boundaries, which enables it to reach its uniquely high sensitivity/bass extension-combination.

Coherent: The Q10 has very low phase distortion and is thus capable of recreating the waveform on the recording very accurately.

Everyone is invited: The Q10 generates a ‘sweet field’ instead of a sweet spot, so several people in the room can fully enjoy the performance at the same time.

Perfectly natural sound: The Q10 compensates for many of the intrinsic stereo system colorations*. This makes the Q10 quite literally disappear as the sound source creating an incredibly natural listening experience just like enjoying the original musical event.

You choose how you want to listen: The Q10 can be enjoyed when either sitting or standing, preserving the true soundstage height and allowing you to fully enjoy a truly three dimensional soundstage no matter how you want to listen.


*The intrinsic stereo system colorations occurs when making a phantom projection of a sound from two loudspeakers instead of the single original sound source. Part of this effect can be studied according to the Head Related Transfer Function.