The Junior Plus is here!


The latest addition to our bookshelf speaker offering is the Guru Junior Plus. With it’s proprietary mineral fibre bass driver it will handle more effect and offer an even higher resolution in the mid to low register than the original Junior.

The Junior

The world’s only true full bandwith mini monitor just got a baby sister! The Guru Junior packs much of the engineering marvel of the critically acclaimed Guru QM10 and QM10two onto an even smaller footprint and with an even more affordable price tag. With the Junior, Guru continues it’s mission to bring small, easy to place loudspeakers that sounds like large speakers to the world of hifi. With our proprietary driver technique and our class leading phase coherence, it can reproduce incredible bass and still maintain a neutral sound from 34Hz up to above 30kHz.

Guru Junior

Guru Junior

The QM10two

The world’s only true full bandwidth mini monitor just got even better! The Guru QM10two is the successor of the critically acclaimed Guru QM10 and introduces two new advanced proprietary drivers into the otherwise familiar, compact QM10 design. The effect of this is to increase the bandwidth to a typical in room response of 30 Hz to 30 kHz and at the same time lower distortion even further whilst greatly improving the time domain behaviour of the loudspeaker. All this results in even greater resolution and transparency with increased soundstage precision whilst maintaining incredibly low frequency extension for a speaker of any size.

Technical Specifications

The QM60

We have now extended our product range with our reference floorstander QM60. Comfortably playing down to 20Hz, with top notch resolution up to well over audible frequencies, it challenges the notion of what can be achieved by a two way system.

“You can get large but rather soft imaging from some speakers but this is not like that, in fact it’s on a similar scale to the larger B&W 802D speakers I use as a reference. They create a more precisely etched image but in terms of size and placement of musicians the two are very close.”
“This system proved remarkably adept at revealing the musical qualities of everything I played”
“Engrossing in another way was Gillian Welch’s Time (The Revelator), which is a good if not stunning recording, however in the Gurus hands it transcends the boundaries of time and space and places the singer right in the room.”

Jason Kennedy, HiFi+, May 2010


said about the qm10

“These speakers are exceptionally communicative, expressive and entertaining, to the point where the whole experience quickly becomes seriously addictive” [...] “Physically very discreet and musically very communicative, this unusual standmount delivers surprising bass and marvellous time coherence” [...] “Has speed and time coherence like a single full range driver system, yet also sounds much bigger than it looks”

Paul Messenger – Hi Fi Choice, November 2008

bestbuy“The QM10 has wide bandwidth, great sensitivity to dynamics and low level detail and remarkable imaging. [...] It’s a totally addictive design [...] The fact that it looks good to these eyes at least is an added bonus in these interior conscious days. ”

Jason Kennedy – Hi Fi+, March 2009

“I found the sound distinctly clear and articulate, with really competent, clean and quite deep bass, available at good power and remaining tuneful and articulate”
“…admirable clarity, resolution and fine detail. Focus is good, image width very good. The general quality is upbeat with good dynamics and rhythm, driven by the high clarity and definition”
“It’s highly articulate, revealing and detailed, with good dynamic range and class leading bass tune playing, power and extension…It is unusually sensitive for the bandwidth and size, and is relatively easy to drive. The Supernait sailed away with this speaker”

Martin Colloms – Hi-Fi Critic, September 2008

“Distinctive, characterful, animated sounding music makers with scale, speed and joie de vivre”

David Price – Hi Fi World

“The QM10 has been Guru-fied into a card-carrying high-end speaker, and it is a remarkable achievement. If this initial offering from this new company is any measure, Guru Pro Audio might become as familiar a Swedish name as Volvo, Ikea, or (dare I say it?) ABBA. Anyone considering spending about $2700 on a pair of speakers of any size must hear the Guru QM10.”

Colin Smith – Soundstage AV, August 2008