Founded in 2007 by audio engineer Ingvar Öhman, professional violinist Erik Ring and industrial designer Erik Espmark, Guru Audio has benefitted from this unique combination of skills, and has become recognised as one of the leading Scandina- vian audio companies.

Beyond delivering a world class musical experience, Guru Loudspeakers are truly different, fusing clever engineering, stylish design and pure musicality.


All our loudspeakers are designed, engineered and produced at our factory based in the north of Sweden. There we ensure the highest level of build quality and precision manufacturing is achieved across our whole product range. Engineering and produc- tion of all the critical components is made either in-house or under our careful super- vision at the best facilities in the world. Our products are built to the exacting standards that Scandinavian manufacturers are rightly famous for, this ensures care- free ownership and a lifetime enjoying your Guru loudspeakers.


Designed using the same principles all loudspeakers offer the following key benefits: Discreet: The loudspeakers are designed to work with the room and be placed very close to, or on the wall behind it, using floor stands, wall mount brackets or simply positioned on a bookshelf.

Easy to drive: They cleverly harness the room boundaries to enable them to reach a unique combination of high sensitivity and bass extension.
Coherent: Very low phase distortion is achieved allowing them to recreate the waveform on the recording very accurately.

Everyone is invited: A ”sweet field” is generated instead of a sweet spot, so several people in the room can fully enjoy the performance at the same time.
Choose how you want to listen: The speakers can be enjoyed when either sitting or standing, preserving the true soundstage height and allowing you to fully enjoy a truly three-dimensional soundstage.